Baby Teeth

Your child will start to show his or her first teeth between six and ten months of age, and will continue to develop baby teeth until 30 months or later. During this time, adult teeth will start to form under the baby teeth. At around six years of age, the baby teeth will begin to fall out one by one and new, adult teeth will begin to erupt through the gums. Adult teeth will continue to appear until the wisdom teeth come in at 17-21 years of age. Remember that each child is different and may begin or end this process earlier or later.

Your child will likely have both baby and adult teeth at the same time at some point. Although this may make their smile look uneven, it is normal, and their teeth will look more normal once all the adult teeth are in place.

Your dentist will check your child’s teeth at around age seven to ensure that the upper and lower adult teeth will work together well. It’s best to start early if your child’s bite will require treatment.

Healthy baby teeth generally indicate that healthy adult teeth will follow. It is important to teach children good oral heath habits at an early age.