Who is DHP for?


  • PATIENTS WITHOUT DENTAL INSURANCE – Lack of dental insurance has become a barrier to dental care.  Many people forego recommended cleanings and treatments because of the cost alone.  High premiums not only increases the likelihood of dental-related problems, but also can lead to other health-related issues.  Remember good health starts with oral health!   
  • PATIENTS WHO HAVE LOST INSURANCE – Those accustomed to dental insurance in the past may find themselves without it after retiring, changing jobs or becoming unemployed. DHP is an affordable solution to those who have lost access to dental insurance they want and need. 
  • PATIENTS UNHAPPY WITH CURRENT DENTAL INSURANCE – The cost of traditional dental insurance can outweigh the benefits offered. Many plans do not cover extensive procedures or pay less than expected for preventive procedures. People often find that that the insurance company denied their dental claim.  DHP removes the pains of a third-party payment and approval process.
  • PATIENTS LOOKING TO SAVE ON DENTAL COST – Our DHP program offers a competitive price point to that of traditional dental insurance.  DHP is for individuals and families looking to save on dental bills.
  • RETIRED PATIENTS – With aging comes the risk of dental-related problems. Unfortunately, dental insurance is generally dropped once one retires and medicare does not provide dental benefits. DHP offers seniors a solution for their dental needs.
  • EVERYONE – Whether you are an individual, family or child, DHP has a solution for you to obtain dental care.